Touching is the ultimate form of communication. For the opening titles of “Toca Me” Festival we experimented with the different ways of exploring “touch” and also “dont touch”: Various materials and textures are inviting to appeal all senses, immersing the viewer to experience them, each one in their own unique way. A constant dialogue, where windows and split screens allow the different materials to give way to new conversations. ︎︎︎

 Client: Toca Me

︎︎︎ Creative Direction: Tina Touli
︎︎︎ Concept & Production: Tina Touli & Pia Scheiber
︎︎︎ Music & Sound Design: Jürgen Branz & Andy Morgan-Davies
︎︎︎ Post-production, Graphics & 3D Lettering: Tina Touli
︎︎︎ Performing Artist: Konstantina Katsikari
︎︎︎ Typeface Contribution: Good Type Foundry